ASUCD Employs More Than 1,001 Students

Engage in leadership activites, event planning and much more: write for the California Aggie, drive for Unitrans, help at the Coffee House, or participate in student government!

ASUCD is an equal opportunity employer

Unit/Position Pay Last Date To Apply


Charter Manager

$15.50/hour June 6, 2019

Student Government

Herbicide Free Committee Board Members

Volunteer May 31, 2019


Office Clerk

$12.25/hr June 2, 2019


Route Supervisor

$15.25/hr June 2, 2019


Transit Driver

$14.25/hour May 30, 2019

Student Government

Business and Finance Commission Chair

$72.00/week May 29, 2019

Executive Office

Mental Health Liason

Volunteer May 27, 2019

Student Government

Environmental Policy and Planning Commissioner

Volunteer June 5, 2019


Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

$13.00/hour May 26, 2019

Aggie Reuse Store

Inventory Lead

Volunteer May 29, 2019

Aggie Reuse Store

Assistant Marketing Manager

Volunteer May 29, 2019

Student Government

Senate Staff for Senator Chen

Volunteer June 15, 2019

Whole Earth Festival

Unit Director

$134.55/week May 31, 2019

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