ASUCD Employs More Than 1,001 Students

Engage in leadership activites, event planning and much more: write for the California Aggie, drive for Unitrans, help at the Coffee House, or participate in student government!

ASUCD is an equal opportunity employer

Unit/Position Pay Last Date To Apply

Student Government

Environmental Policy and Planning Commission Chairperson

$16.00/hr March 27, 2023

Bike Barn


$15.50/hr April 2, 2023

Student Government

DRAC Committee Member (Volunteer)

Volunteer March 21, 2023


Office Clerk

$16.25/hr March 23, 2023


Payroll Assistant

$17.25/hr March 27, 2023


Conductor Manager

$20.00-22.25/hour March 28, 2023

Student Government

DREAM Committee Member (Volunteer)

Volunteer April 9, 2023

Student Government

Aggie Mentors Committee Members (Volunteer)

Volunteer April 2, 2023

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