Entertainment Council: Director

Contact Information

Name: Rebecca Sterling

Email: rgsterling@ucdavis.edu

You can visit the Entertainment Council website to learn more about them.


Payrate: $84/week

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study: n/a

Resume Required: Yes

Options: n/a


Hours per Week: 15-20 hrs/wk

Start Date: ASAP

End Date: June 9, 2013


Job Number: 0002-0140-2013

Last Date to Apply: Jan. 17, 2013


The Director is responsible for planning and implementing different entertainment events for students' enjoyment on this campus. Events should include musical entertainment and a variety of diverse speakers and/or comedians. This position directs marketing, publicity, and production of these events. The Director is responsible for pre-planning the program for the year, but is expected to have the flexibility for addtional events. The position interacts with agents, promoters, various campus units and departments, budgets for shows, supervises paid and volunteer staff and reviews riders/contracts.


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  1. Plans and implements an annual entertainment program that includes student-relevant speakers, comedians, a possible speaker series, concerts and other musical entertainment.
  2. Oversees and supervises marketing and publicity for all entertainment events.
  3. Prepares individual budget for each show, which is presented to the business manager for approval.
  4. Does marketing analysis to determine the box office strength of the entertainer and/or speaker.
  5. Reviews and discusses contract rider with production coordinator, the entire staff, road managers and production companies.
  6. Negotiates stage, sound and lights riders.
  7. Supervises day-of-show setup with staff. Interacts with various campus units, including Box Office, Campus Events, police, fire and contracts.
  8. Supervises acoustic music series, Quad shows, Coffee House shows and speaker series.
  9. Contacts groups and organizations on campus with specific interest in a speaker and plan co-sponsorship opportunities.
  10. Acts as a liaison between student organizations and campus departments in assisting with entertainment event planning as time allows.
  11. Hires, supervises and organizes paid and volunteer staff in completing their assigned tasks and duties. 
  12. Plans and implements possible self-promoted concerts in conjunction with the management team.
  13. Must attend mandatory fall management retreat.
  14. Available most of summer in Davis, CA.


  1. Familiarity with ASUCD and its policies.
  2. Familiarity with University policies regarding events.
  3. Ability to perform administrative and management duties.
  4. Knowledge of contemporary political, social and cultural issues and concerts and contemporary music.
  5. Experience in organizational duties and leadership abilities.
  6. Proficiency in oral and written communication.
  7. Previous experiences with booking and event planning.

Supplemental Questions

  1. Please list previous work history and volunteer experience.
  2. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.

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