Executive Office: Interim Internal Vice President

Contact Information

Name: Kyle Krueger

Email: president@asucd.ucdavis.edu


Payrate: $176.56/week (pending budget approval - refer to budget for weeks paid)

Payrate Stipend: Yes

Work Study: No

Resume Required: Yes

Options: N/A


Hours per Week: 13-14 hours/week

Start Date: Aug. 1, 2020

End Date: June 11, 2021


Job Number: 0035-3852-2020

Last Date to Apply: July 20, 2020


To serve alongside the President as one of the primary representatives of UC Davis’ 30,000 students, and to serve as the Presiding Officer of the ASUCD Senate.


As a part of ASUCD, you agree to subscribe to the ASUCD Newsletter.

-Serving as the Presiding Officer of Senate meetings every Thursday from 6pm-10pm, and serving as an unbiased parliamentarian during these meetings

-Preparing and publicizing the agenda, in consultation with the Senate President Pro Tempore, for Senate meetings at least 72 hours in advance

-Attend frequent mandatory meetings

-Following the ASUCD Constitution, Bylaws, and UC Davis Principles of Community at all times

-Frequently interacting with senators, commissions, and committees to help them be effective in their advocacy efforts

-Working to tackle a wide array of issues that may arise in any or all of ASUCD’s operations as a member of the Management Team

-Meeting with UC Davis Administration on a frequent basis and serving as a representative voice for UC Davis’ 30,000 students

-Spearheading initiatives to represent the student body

-Performing frequent outreach to students and student organizations

-Being available for consultation during times of campus emergencies

-Overseeing multiple Executive Office staffers, including Associate Vice Presidents

-Overseeing a variety of ASUCD bodies, including committees

-Initiation of and/or providing assistance in the hiring of certain ASUCD positions


*Please include 1-2 professional references in your resume.

-Exceptional leadership skills

-Exceptional communication skills, including via public speaking, formal writing, and e-communication; ability to speak in public clearly, authoritatively, and concisely 

-Exceptional conflict management skills

-Able to accept criticism from others during and outside formal meetings

-Exceptional work ethic and efficiency in task execution

-Propensity for adapting to new and wholly unexpected situations

-Passion for meeting the needs of the student body

-Clear and passionate vision for ASUCD

-Impartial, objective, and pragmatic problem-solving abilities

-Strong listening skills

-Strength in managing emotional tensions, both internal and external

-Strength in facilitating genuine dialogue on complex and controversial issues

-Propensity for treating others fairly and impartially

-Propensity for understanding one’s own biases and privileges; open mindedness 

-Strong understanding of the ASUCD internal structure and governing documents

-Strong interest in university decision-making is preferred

-Ability to critically read, evaluate, and properly execute written governing codes

-Respect for, and ability to include and empathize with, people of diverse backgrounds

-Respect for rules/ procedures of an organization

-Recognition of where knowledge is lacking, ability to consult with and integrate recommendations from more knowledgeable individuals/parties where appropriate, and the ability to learn quickly

-Familiarity with technologies including Zoom, and most Google Suite applications (preferred)

-Ability to run meetings quickly and efficiently; ability to budget and strategically manage time during meetings

-Adaptive communication skills for speaking with students, the ASUCD Senate, UC administration, and policymakers

-Exceptional time management skills

-Exceptional stress management skills

-Propensity for rapidly soliciting, evaluating, and integrating a variety of perspectives into one’s decision making

-Comfort with making highly public and sometimes unpopular decisions when necessary

-Professionalism and maturity


-Availability for almost daily communications with ASUCD leadership

-Sound “exit plan”, if it is necessary to vacate another position to become the Interim Internal VP

-Expected graduation date at or after the end of spring quarter 2021 preferred 

-Commitment to serving in the position

-Previous experience with leading teams and managing projects

-Previous experience in ASUCD (preferred)

-Previous experience with parliamentary procedure, law, policy, and/or public service (preferred)

-Previous experience with managing organizational budgets and finance (preferred)

-Previous experience with activism and/or nonprofit management (preferred)

Supplemental Questions

  1. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.
  2. Please briefly discuss the role of the UC Davis Principles of Community and your understanding of diversity and cultural competency.
  3. Please list previous experience as it pertains to the position.

Approved ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________

All student assistant positions are subject to all entitlements in Policy & Procedures for Staff Member (PPSM). See PPSM Policy & Procedures 3, Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Volunteer positions are subject to all entitlements in Policy & Procedure Manual 380 – Section 08, Volunteer Services. UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus effective January 1, 2014. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited on any UC Davis owned or leased property, indoors and outdoors, including parking lots and residential space.