Student Government: Communications and Social Media Director for Senator Sergio Bocardo-Aguilar

Contact Information

Name: Sergio Bocardo-Aguilar



Payrate: Volunteer

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study: No

Resume Required: Yes

Options: N/A


Hours per Week: Approximately 3-5 hours, depending on individual circumstances.

Start Date: Sept. 15, 2021

End Date: June 22, 2022


Job Number: 0008-4340-2021

Last Date to Apply: Aug. 23, 2021


The purpose of this position is to help Senator Bocardo-Aguilar achieve his platforms, which include the expansion and promotion of basic necessities like housing, food, giving more platforms to ethnic and cultural communities, and creating and promoting safe places for individuals to express their gender and sexuality, through the management of social media platforms and constant communication with Creative Media and various organizations on the UC Davis campus.


As a part of ASUCD, you agree to subscribe to the ASUCD Newsletter.

  • Manage social media platforms.
  • Manage communication between our team and organizations on campus.
  • In accordance with Creative Media, create media that will promote basic needs, ethnic and cultural organizations, and events that will allow safe spaces for students to express themselves.
  • Constant communication with various organizations here on campus on how out team can best support them.
  • Making sure the team is communicating efficiently.
  • Work on team projects.
  • Attend relevant parts of weekly Senate meetings.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.



Note from Senator Bocardo-Aguilar: "I want to emphasize that this position is open to everyone because as a first year student, I felt very discouraged from applying for a position like this one as I felt underqualified as a first year student. So please, first year students and transfer students, I really encourage you all to apply if you have the skills below. The only requirement is someone who is willing to learn and has a passion for making change and a difference here at UC Davis."

  • Creative poster and digital poster design skills.
  • Fast response time to emails and other messages we will receive.
  • Responsible time management.
  • Able to communicate effectively among our team and outside organizations.
  • Previous experience with communications strongly encouraged, but not required.


Supplemental Questions

  1. Please list previous work history and volunteer experience.
  2. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.
  3. Please briefly discuss the role of the UC Davis Principles of Community  and your understanding of diversity and cultural competency.

Approved ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________

All student assistant positions are subject to all entitlements in Policy & Procedures for Staff Member (PPSM). See PPSM Policy & Procedures 3, Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Volunteer positions are subject to all entitlements in Policy & Procedure Manual 380 – Section 08, Volunteer Services. UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus effective January 1, 2014. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited on any UC Davis owned or leased property, indoors and outdoors, including parking lots and residential space.