Student Government: ASUCD Entrepreneurship Fund Committee

Contact Information

Name: Kate Lin

Phone: 650-400-5981



Payrate: Volunteer

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study: N/A

Resume Required: Yes



Hours per Week: 5-10 hrs/week

Start Date: Jan. 7, 2013

End Date: June 15, 2013


Job Number: 0008-0463-2012

Last Date to Apply: Nov. 29, 2012


The ASUCD Entrepreneurship Fund is a newly established program to encourage social entrepreneurship among undergraduate students by providing grants and an avenue for feedback, advice, and additional resources. By partnering with the UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we are able to provide our recipients with access to Graduate School of Management training seminars and workshops. Applicants for grant funding must have viable business idea that contributes to some definable social good.

The team is entirely composed of undergraduate students, which makes our program different from other universities with similar programs. Join us in growing this exciting program!

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  1. Attend weekly staff meetings to discuss progress and future plans
  2. Conduct outreach to business professionals, faculty, staff, and alumni
  3. Increase awareness among undergraduate students on campus
  4. Advisory Committee members will hold weekly office hours to assist grant applicants and recipients. These members should have an understanding of business strategy
  5. In addition, we are also looking for applicants with interest and experience in:

-Business Development and Networking


Independent initiative toward tasks
Willingness to learn and contribute
Professional and well-organized
Personable and able to work in a team
Strong writing ability preferred

Supplemental Questions

  1. Please list previous work history and volunteer experience.
  2. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.
  3. What do you want to tell your grandchildren you achieved in your lifetime?

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