Unitrans: Unitrans Payroll Manager

Contact Information

Name: Carlos Andres Muniz

Email: payroll@unitrans.ucdavis.edu

You can visit the Unitrans website to learn more about them.


Payrate: $18.25/hr pending budget approval - refer to budget for weeks paid)

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study: No

Resume Required: Yes

Options: N/A


Hours per Week: 10-15 hrs/week

Start Date: ASAP

End Date: Indefinite


Job Number: 0009-4792-2022

Last Date to Apply: April 13, 2022


Holds direct responsibility for the bi-weekly payroll processing for over 200+ Unitrans employees in different and overlapping accounts.  Oversees all related data entry functions, positions, and all other payroll processing procedures. Holds ultimate responsibility for the timely and accurate submission of all payroll documents.

The successful candidate may hold this position through the expected graduation date based onsatisfactory performance in the position.

Unitrans is an equal opportunity employer.


As a part of ASUCD, you agree to subscribe to the ASUCD Newsletter.

A. Prepare and submit biweekly payroll reports for all student employees:

1.Process all employee time records in a timely manner.

2.Process student employee raises and separations from job roles.

3.Keep accurate, complete, and organized student employee payroll records.

4.Maintain  and  distribute  up-to-date  information  regarding  TRS,  UCPath,  and  other  payroll submission methods.

B.  Coordinate with other Unitrans personnel on internal data management systems

1.Work in conjunction with the IT Department to update and improve software programs.

2.Evaluate payroll procedures and policies, including the Payroll Manager’s Manual, and update as needed.

3.Attend weekly Unitrans managers’ meetings and provide updates on emerging payroll processing time lines and issues.

4.Respond to payroll inquiries and issues in a timely manner in coordination with internal units and ASUCD.

C. Provide necessary payroll information and support to employees.

1.Holds at least four (4) announced office hours weekly.

2.Attend  quarterly  mandatory  meetings  to  inform  employees  of  payroll  information  and  answer questions.

3.Notify employees of pay and position changes and effective date thereof.

4.Create Unitrans payroll schedules in coordination with ASUCD payroll processing time frames.

D. Managerial Duties:

1.Organize work activities and supervise a team of payroll assistants.

2.Hold team meetings as needed to discuss issues and assign responsibilities for new initiatives and tasks.

3.Serve as a resource to all Unitrans student employees, supervisors, and managers to quickly and accurately resolve payroll issues.

4.Collaborate with ASUCD payroll on a daily basis to identify, research, and solve payroll processes and discrepancies.

As part of your employment, you are required to subscribe to the ASUCD newsletter.


Job Requirements: 

1.Must be a current Unitrans employee.

2.Must be available to work during summers and breaks.

3.Must be available every other weekend to process payroll at the discretion of the payroll manager.

4.Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is highly desirable.

Skills and Requirements: 

The  skills,  knowledge,  and  abilities  to  perform  the  duties  of  the  Unitrans  Payroll  Manager  may  be acquired, to some extent, through on-the-job training and experience.

1.Exercise independent judgment and decision-making.

2.Exercise  good  time  management  skills  to  prioritize  completion  of  payroll  reports  with  hard deadlines.

3.Quickly and accurately compile numerical data from electronic data sources.

4.Communicate along all lines of authority and among a diverse group of employees.

5.Learn and apply knowledge quickly and accurately.

6.Demonstrate flexibility to respond to changing priorities and situations.

7.Prepare and update procedure documents using correct spelling and grammar.

8.Handle confidential information appropriately and in a professional manner. 

Supplemental Questions

  1. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.
  2. Please briefly discuss the role of the UC Davis Principles of Community and your understanding of diversity and cultural competency.
  3. Please list previous experience as it pertains to the position.

Approved ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________

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