Student Government: Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission Vice Chairperson

Contact Information

Name: Mehalet Shibre



Payrate: $15.00/hr

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study: No

Resume Required: Yes

Options: N/A


Hours per Week: 5 hours/week (refer to budget for weeks and hours paid) Any hours beyond specified commitment will be considered additional volunteer experience

Start Date: Oct. 17, 2022

End Date: June 10, 2023


Job Number: 0008-5157-2022

Last Date to Apply: Oct. 12, 2022


The Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission (ECAC) is responsible for investigating and recommending policies and programs concerning under-represented communities at UC Davis. The commission accomplishes this task by establishing liaison and achieving rapport with all on-campus and off-campus bodies affecting said communities and their quality of life at the University. Comprised of nine members and up to four alternates, the commission welcomes visitors at its weekly meetings.

Our goal is to represent historically marginalized groups who face barriers in terms of institutionalized, internalized, and systemic oppression. We are here to propose legislation and support events that honor different ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. We will voice your concerns to empower cross-cultural interaction in order to represent and bring awareness within our communities, student body, and the University of California, Davis.


As a part of ASUCD, you agree to subscribe to the ASUCD Newsletter.

  • Must attend and actively participate in commission meetings and projects - assist in passing of legislation, grants, and funding

  • Assist with regulating social media’s

  • Help the chair with coordinating and undergoing projects and communicating to the rest of the commission

  • Help coordinate events or outreach to student orgs

  • Provide input and effective solutions to the issues that affect underrepresented communities on our campus

  • If needed, sit in place of the chairperson at senate meetings

  • If needed, facilitate meetings with the commission


  • Open mind and positive attitude

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Social Media Infographic Skills

  • Good writing & communication skills

  • A level of cross-cultural understanding

  • Previous and/or present connection to various ethnic or cultural organizations preferred; but, not required

  • Passion for advocating for marginalized and underrepresented communities

Supplemental Questions

  1. Please briefly discuss the role of the UC Davis Principles of Community and your understanding of diversity and cultural competency.
  2. Please list previous experience as it pertains to this position.
  3. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.

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