Unitrans: Operations Manager

Contact Information

Name: Anissa Liu

Phone: 530-752-5877

Email: om@unitrans.ucdavis.edu

You can visit the Unitrans website to learn more about them.


Payrate: 13.75/hr. + $40/week Stipend

Payrate Stipend: No

Work Study:

Resume Required: Yes



Hours per Week: 20-25 hrs p/week

Start Date: ASAP

End Date: Indefinite


Job Number: 0009-0728-2013

Last Date to Apply: Feb. 21, 2013


Management of Unitrans daily operations to ensure that safe and reliable transit service is being provided for the University of California and the City of Davis.


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A. Supervise and lead Route Supervisor Team (35%)
1. Hire and train new Route Supervisors to maintain adequate staffing for Dispatch and Road Supervisor shifts.
2. Provide supervision to the Route Supervisors to ensure appropriate adherence to Unitrans policies and procedures.
3. Evaluate Route Supervisors performance on a regular basis and administer re-training as needed.
4. Lead weekly Route Supervisor meetings.
5. Be available as an on-call resource for Route Supervisors.

B. Resolve operational problems that may arise (15%)
1. Schedule new service additions (i.e. trippers, high school runs, etc.)
2. Reallocate resources to address unforeseen operational difficulties.
3. Reduce service when deemed necessary or appropriate.
4. Plan re-routes to provide service during construction, road closures, etc.
5. Maintain equipment needed for daily operations.
6. Equip and prepare Unitrans vehicles for all types of service.

C. Plan and carry out operations-related projects (10%)
1. Work with career staff, student managers, supervisors, and assistants to improve the efficiency of operations and address operational needs as they arise.

D. Provide operations-related information and protocol to all Unitrans employees (10%)
1. Assist the Human Resources Manager in conducting Priority and Mandatory meetings.
2. Give presentations at Mandatory meetings as needed.
3. Be available as an on-call resource for all operations employees.

E. Maintain all Unitrans routes (10%)
1. Maintain and replace bus stop signs.
2. Arrange for low-hanging tree trimming.
3. Arrange for road repair and maintenance.

F. Participate in internal planning and carry out service changes (5%)
1. Work with career staff and planning department to plan service changes.
2. Make arrangements for service changes, including changes to column rotations, updating destination signs and reallocation of resources.

G. Maintain communication with other Unitrans managers and supervisors. (5%)
1. Work closely with maintenance staff to ensure an appropriate number of buses are operational to meet service needs.
2. Work with Human Resources Manager to address personnel issues.

H. Maintain public relations and investigate operations-related complaints (5%)
1. Monitor and investigate operations-related costumer complaints.
2. Provide responses to complaining customers who request a call-back.
3. Adjust service, policies, and procedures to meet public needs.

I. Other (5%)
1. Participate in weekly meetings.
2. Understand and carry out Unitrans Emergency Operations Plan if needed.
3. Arrange FTA-mandated drug tests for drivers and supervisors.
4. Record all service actions for future reference.
5. Train, oversee, and delegate duties to Operation Assistants.
6. Participate in the selection and training of the subsequent Operations Manager.


Required: 1) Must be  Route Supervisor who has fully completed the shadowing process.
2) Must not be on strike or accident probation
3) Must be a current UC Davis student
4) Must be available for on the job training
5) Must be able to work for Unitrans until the end of Spring Quarter 2012.

1) Ability to excercise a high degree of independent responsibility
2) Ability to develop reasonable and innovative solutions for daily operational problems
3) Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with Unitrans employees
4) Understanding of Unitrans daily operations
5) Strong organizational skills
6) Ability to resolve conflict
Skills, knowledge, and abilities  may be acquired or developed through on the job training and guidance.

Supplemental Questions

  1. Please list previous work history and volunteer experience.
  2. Describe why you are qualified for this position and how it relates to your interests.

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